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Kevin Hogan, former contestant on American Ninja Warrior, the reality tv show, stopped by our studios today. He's wanting to motivate and encourage everyone to be all they can be, by introducing Ninja's United Gym to Central Minnesota.

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This is Kevin's first gym in Saint Cloud, but he also has three other gyms in Minnesota. Class time consists of free time along with instruction. Classes start February 8th.

If you're looking for a party this is a great place to go. Birthday parties are incredibly popular. Bring your birthday boy or girl, along with all their friends. It's exciting and fun. Each package includes 10 children, with two adults, and each party gets a certified coach. You start with a warm up, teach kids how to participate, and then have fun on the course. If you can't do a pull up? This is a great place to start.

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They are currently working on archery tag to add to the line up of fun. Stop by Ninjas United at 3900 Roosevelt Road in Saint Cloud.

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