People looking for jobs that are LESS stressful need to be prepared to do what it takes to get one.  At least half of the least stressful jobs that were found by CareerCast in a study from a job search site, showed that most require a Bachelor's Degree, and some require some type of post secondary education and doctorates. That doesn't necessarily mean that you'll make a lot of money either.  But...Money isn't everything.   If you like your  job and can handle the salary, here's a list of ideas for you to look into:



An Audiologist makes approximately $69,729 per year, according to the study.


Hair Stylists

You might think Hair stylists could also be on the list of most stressful...But in actuality, military positions are the most stressful jobs. Hair stylists get to talk to real people in a non intrusive environment. No Guns.  Average Salary:   $22,700.



Nice to have a job where romance is in the air 24/7? Deal with love longing romantics day in and day out.  Salary?  About $35,350 a year.


Tenured University Professors

Note that Tenured is key. Very little stress and a seemingly everchanging classroom with an average salary of $ 64,290.



Here's something you don't see everday.  But someone is out there...Sewing clothing....Saving wedding dresses from being to big on wedding day...Hemming boys pants so they don't drag on the floor...and fixing the holes that you DON'T want in your jeans. If you like to spend time with a needle and thread, your average salary will be $26,280.



What a great way to learn how to eat well, and keep yourself in check!  Dieticians not only see the success in helping the people that they work with, but their job can allow them to also follow their own  guidellines. Salary average is about $55,240!  Be healthy and help others to do the same? Nice!


Medical Records Technicians

I thought this might be one of the most stressful jobs out there.  But to the contrary. If you know the terminology and enjoy this type of work, it can sometimes be work from home and still have a  salary around $34,160.



Seriously?  Librarians actually have a nice quiet peaceful environment, where they learn state of the art crafts of working with todays technology. The average Librarian makes approximately $55,370 according to the study.


Multimedia Artist

The time is now.  If you like MultiMedia, and have a nack for it, Multi Media Artists can make a good living at about $61,370.


Drill Press Operators

If you know how to do it, Drill Press Operators get the job done and make on average about $35,580.


Kelly Cordes