COLD SPRING/ROCKVILLE - One of the most interesting State House races in our area will be in House District 13A.  It's the district formerly known as 14B, and was a seat held by Democrat Larry Hosch since 2004.  However, with Hosch not running for re-election, two relative new comers are vying for the seat.

Democrat Richard Bohannon is from Cold Spring.  He's currently a member of the Cold Spring Planning Commission, and is a professor at St. John's University.  He says he was disappointed with the previous State Legislatures for putting the amendment questions on the ballot.

Bohannon says education funding will be his top priority, if he gets elected next week.

Republican Jeff Howe is from Rockville, where he is a current city council member.  Howe is also a former fire marshal in St. Cloud and Waite Park.  He says partisan politics at the State Capitol is his biggest concern.

Howe says his top priority, if he gets elected, would be to address unfunded mandates handed down to local governments.

Both men are running for a state office for the first time.