BIG LAKE TOWNSHIP -- Five men from Texas are jailed in Sherburne County after a 5-month investigation ended in a large marijuana bust.

Sherburne County joined Carver County and the Southwest Metro Drug Task Force in their investigation of a drug trafficking operation involving a Big Lake Township house.

Police set up surveillance and followed the men where they met a semi-truck with Texas plates.

Officers followed the group back to the home and used a search warrant where they found 313 pounds of marijuana and a small amount of cash.  The street value of the drugs are valued at over $500,000.

Police also seized a Lincoln Navigator and the semi-truck.

Police say the men were transporting the drugs here, selling them, using the cash to buy vehicles, driving the vehicles back to Texas, then selling those vehicles.

All five are being held on suspicion of first-degree drug possession and possession with intent to sell.