ST. CLOUD - Some of Minnesota's most innovative engineers-in-training are right here in St. Cloud; a team of three Tech High School Juniors recently won the state "Inventors Fair."

Grant Feldhege, Neil Molitor and Tyler Tran's invention, called "Dolly to Trailer," is a device that allows extremely heavy things to be hitched to and pulled by a two-wheeled hand cart.

The group presented their award-winning idea to an audience of local Board of Education members on Wednesday afternoon at Apollo High School.

Feldhege says they were inspired to create "Dolly to Trailer" after a frustrating experience.

Feldhege adds they'd like to eventually patent the device - and DO have one other  goal in mind.

The trio spent 4 months and 400 hours outside of school designing "Dolly to Trailer." Feldhege says they're looking forward to seeing how they do, and getting feedback on how to improve on their design, while at the National Inventors Fair competition later this summer.