ST. CLOUD -- Security on the farm is becoming a popular commodity.

Arivg's Tim Sullivan says thanks to their partnership with On-sight they have created a camera surveillance system that can monitor what's happening on your farm.

"With this technology you're able to monitor your livestock and yard security all with just one device," says Sullivan.

The system allows you to check your fields and livestock from your phone or computer without having to disturb them.

"So if you can peak in at them and say that cow has been having trouble and you can look back at the recording and say now it's time to go to the barn," says Sullivan.

Each camera has tracking capabilities up to 200 yards away and has enough memory to store a months worth of data.

"With the system there is a storage server on the farm that allows us to use six cameras with 30 day storage on them," says Sullivan. "Every that is stored on the server is then backed up back in Mitchell, South Dakota."

Sullivan says the camera system also operates as an internet base station.

The product has gone above expectations and Sullivan says farmers who use it have a stronger sense of security.


Arivg representative Tim Sullivan explains the importance of this new security system.