One of the missions for our show is to introduce you to new technology. Every Tech Tuesday , you'll hear our special guests talk about the technology that is all around us and, on the horizon. It's our goal to explain the lightning fast changes in real world technology in down-to-earth language that encourages us to embrace the mysterious technology landscape.

Pamela Muldoon

This week our special guest was Pamela Muldoon, the Social Media & Content Strategist for Globe Education Network. She oversees the social media and content strategy for all brands under this network: Globe University, Minnesota School of Business, Broadview University, Minnesota School of Cosmetology and IPR (Institute of Production & Recording).

She is also principal of Next Stage Media Group, a content marketing consultancy for business, with a specialty in audio content strategies. She is also host of Content Marketing 360, an online radio show (or podcast) where she interviews top marketing professionals from around the globe.

Pam talked about the importance of social media marketing for not only product and business brands, but your own personal brand. She explained that setting up a Google Alert for your business and your actual name can help you keep track of not only the good things being said on the web about you and your business, but it can be a red flag for you when negative press gets through.

She said that for teenagers getting close to wrapping up their high school career and Millennials nearing college graduation, keeping your image untarnished is especially important. Poor decisions that surface on the net can, in some cases, affect your college acceptance or your chance at a job. She recommends treating your personal life like a brand that encourages loyalty and positive feelings.

Pam also revealed that, lately, her favorite app has been Evernote. She says it's invaluable to her, as she needs to keep track of multiple websites and ever-expanding research. It syncs all your notes, files and images on every device you use.

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