winter hazard awareness week

Winter Hazard Awareness Week Day Five: Winter Driving
It won't be long and we will again be driving on snow-covered roads and the State patrol is reminding us to slow down and give ourselves more time. Lieutenant Eric Roeske says statistics show people who are in a hurry and try to make up time have a better chance of going into the ditch or getti…
Winter Hazard Awareness Week Day Three: Fire Safety
UNDATED -- With the holidays on the horizon, it means a lot of cooking over the next several weeks. It also means increased fire danger in our homes.
In today's installment of Winter hazard Awareness Week, we look at fire safety.
Becki White is a Deputy State Fire Marshall who says cooking and c…
Winter hazard Awareness Week Day Two: Outdoor Winter Safety
As the temperatures start to drop, ice will begin forming on area lakes and rivers. That has the DNR's Water Safety Specialist Tim Smalley concerned. He says today's topic for Winter Hazard Awareness Week is Outdoor Winter Safety and with that comes the need to be extra cautious around thi…
Winter Hazard Awareness Week Day One: Winter Storms
Today kicks off Winter Hazard Awareness Week and state officials want you to be prepared for the upcoming winter. Todd Krause is a meteorologist with the National Weather Service. He says pay attention to the forecast and be prepared.