Voices For Veterans

Voices For Veterans; Heart Health [AUDIO]
During our Voices For Veterans Segment today on WJON I talked with Julie Roman Vera, Women Veteran Program Manager, and Barry Venable, Public Affairs Officer, from the St. Cloud V.A. The topic this month is Heart Health. February is Heart Health awareness month.
Voices For Veterans; New Housing Options for Veterans [AUDIO]
During our "Voices For Veterans" segment on WJON today I talked with St. Cloud V.A. Public Affairs Officer Barry Venable and the CEO of Sand Industries Jamie Thielen. The two talked about the new Apartment building that will be available for veterans that are currently fighting with homel…
Voices For Veterans; The OIG Report [AUDIO]
St. Cloud V.A. Public Affairs Officer Barry Venable stopped by the WJON studio for our Voices For Veterans broadcast. He talked about the OIG Hotline Report. He explained what happened, why it happened and where the St. Cloud VA stands on complaints and concerns.
Voices For Veterans; Mental Health Summit [AUDIO]
I talked with Trish Aljets and Ellen Dinsmore of the St. Cloud VA about their upcoming Mental Health Summit. Aljets is the chief of voluntary services while Dinsmore is the special programs coordinator for the Mental Health Service.
Voices For Veterans; VA Summer Games [AUDIO]
Today on our Voices For Veterans segment on WJON I talked with Leah Egan, Brett Jagodzinski and Barry Venable from the St. Cloud VA about the upcoming VA Summer Games that will take place August 1 at the St. Cloud VA.

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