Tea Party

Boehner: Bachmann Did Well In GOP Debate
House Speaker John Boehner says GOP presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann did a "really good job" in Monday's debate. She and another House member in the race, Texas Rep. Ron Paul, have as much chance as the other contenders to win the party's nomination, he added.
Bachmann – Obama Wall Street’s Best Friend
Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann told a South Carolina tax day tea party rally that President Barrack Obama is Wall Street's best friend. Bachmann later told reporters in Columbia that she can't wait to take him on even though she's not ready to announce plans to seek the GOP presiden…
Pawlenty To Stop In Cleveland, Boston
Presidential hopeful Tim Pawlenty is planning to give a keynote address during a visit to northeast Ohio, a highly contested swing state in presidential politics. Pawlenty will also be among the speakers at an April 15 tea party rally in Boston.