summertime by george

The Beatles Abbey Road Comes to Summertime by George [VIDEO]
Collective Unconscious has been playing the music of The Beatles since the band started. Performing the entire album was actually one of their first performances after they released their first album. Singer Jeff Engholm says you'll be hearing this great music, and more at tonight's Summer…
Pamela McNeill Takes The Stage With Rumours & Dreams [VIDEO]
Pamela McNeill isn't new to the Summertime by George stage, but this is the first time she is taking the stage with one of her own shows. She also has the pleasure to perform to the Lake George crowd twice this year since she will be performing with The Fabulous Armadillos later this month.
GB Leighton Headlines Summertime by George [VIDEO]
GB Leighton isn't new to Summertime by George. The band has played here several years, and frontman Brian Leighton says they are excited for another year in St. Cloud. They will take the stage at 6:30 p.m. Summertime by George kicks off at 5:00 p.m. with songwriter Julie Patchouli and guitarist…
Lamont Cranston Band Set To Play At Lake George
This is the Lamont Cranston Band's first time performing at Summertime by George. They are a blues band who've played with and opened for countless artists such as Stevie Ray Vaughan, The Rolling Stones, and even The Blues Brothers. Dan Aykroyd even invited the band to play at his House of…
Fill the Flyer Wednesday night at Summertime By George
The summer Metro Bus Fill the Flyer food drive will take place Wednesday night at Summertime by George. Berta Hartig from Metro Bus, Trina Dietz from Catholic Charities and Chris Jacques from the Salvation Army stopped by and joined me to talk about the event.

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