stearns county board of commissioners

Stearns County Board Votes to Not Raise Fees
Most fees for Stearns County services will stay the same -- at lease for now. The Board of Commissioners voted today (Tuesday) not to raise the fees on some 20 pages worth of services, including: construction site permits, food and beverage licenses, pool and spa inspections, and immunizations.
Stearns County Looks at Criminal Justice Space Needs
Stearns County is studying space needs for its criminal justice system as they look to future needs and population shifts. Wold Architects and Engineers presented the county board with a needs and gap analysis. It looked at the county's future space needs for its Courts Facilities, Jail and Law…
Stearns Commissioners Approve “No Wake Zone” Request Signs
More than a dozen homeowners, sportsmen and resort owners testified before the Stearns County Board of Commissioners regarding "no wake zones" on the county's lakes. The county was considering their options on how to address record high water levels and balance the homeowners' fl…