State Senate

Senate Vote Set for $900 Million Package Of Budget Cuts
A $900 million package of budget cuts that passed the House is expected to get a vote in the Senate on Thursday. Senate approval would send the bill Democratic Gov. Mark Dayton, who has criticized the legislation as a piecemeal approach to Minnesota's $6.2 billion deficit.
Senate To Review Ethics Complaint Against Hutchinson GOPer
The state Senate's Subcommittee on Ethical Conduct will review a complaint by several Democratic senators over a Republican colleague's e-mail saying he wouldn't meet with his election rival's supporters. The committee meets Wednesday to review the complaint, which accuses Sen. …
Veterans To Lead Pledge In Minnesota Senate
Republicans who control the Minnesota Senate are having military veterans lead the Pledge of Allegiance each Monday. The Senate Republican Caucus announced the plan on Monday, when an Army veteran who enlisted 60 years ago this week led the Pledge.