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Racino Supporters Ramping Up Their Efforts [AUDIO]
Supporters of adding slot machines to Minnesota's two horseracing tracks are starting to ramp-up their efforts. John Derus is on the Board of Directors for the Running Aces track in Columbus Minnesota. He says their pushing the State Legislature to allow them to add 1,500 slot machines at each…
Minnesota Panel Delves Into Dayton’s Public Works Bill
Democratic Gov. Mark Dayton's $1 billion public works bill gets its first look in the Republican-controlled Legislature on Wednesday. The House Capital Investment Committee holds the first hearing on Dayton's recommendations for civic centers, college labs, flood protection, roads and bri…
Senate Approves Pay Freeze For Minnesota Schools
The Minnesota Senate has approved a two-year pay freeze for employees in Minnesota public and charter schools. The bill's sponsor, Sen. Dave Thompson, says that without the freeze, districts would be forced to lay off some teachers so they could afford to pay the raises for the rest.
Minnesota Bill Ups Penalties For Harming Police Dogs
Harming or killing a law enforcement dog could come with stiffer penalties under legislation making its way through the Minnesota Legislature. Lawmakers take a deeper look Tuesday at a bill that would increase potential restitution costs for people who hurt dogs used in police actions, search and r…
Another Proposal To Sell Liquor On Sundays
One state senator thinks his proposal to end the ban on Sunday liquor sales might have a chance this year. Sen. Roger Reinert of Duluth says the extra tax revenue from liquor sales can help with a projected $6.4 billion shortfall in the 2012-2013 state budget.

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