State Legislature

GOP-Backed Bills Cut Minnesota State Park Funding
A third of Minnesota state parks could see their hours and services reduced under Republican-backed environmental bills approved by the Minnesota House and Senate. DNR officials say up to 10 parks might have to be "mothballed" until state finances improve, if the bills become law.
Budget Bills Take Center State At Minnesota Capitol
The first floor debates and votes on Republican-sponsored state budget bills come this week at the Capitol. The House of Representatives plans to debate and vote Monday on a tax bill that includes income-tax cuts in the two lowest income brackets, cuts statewide property taxes on businesses, and ph…
GOP Bill Cuts Health Care, Disability Services
House Republicans aim to reduce projected health and welfare spending $1.6 billion by cutting services for the disabled and elderly and MinnesotaCare health care while seeking federal permission for more health care cuts.
Minnesota Gambling Proposal Makes Annual Debut
Two veteran Republican lawmakers from southern Minnesota are the chief sponsors of the latest bill seeking to allow horse racing tracks to install video slot machines. The push to expand casino-style gambling has been regularly stymied at the Capitol.
Bill Bans Human Cloning In Minnesota
A bill attempting to head off possible human cloning is starting its travel through Minnesota's Legislature. The human cloning ban is a priority of the state's dominant anti-abortion group, Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life.

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