State Legislature

Bill Could Assign Bodyguards To More Minnesota Leaders
More Minnesota leaders could be in line for special security protection under a bipartisan bill coming up on its first legislative hearing. The bill would direct state public safety officials to provide temporary security to Minnesota Supreme Court justices, legislators or statewide officeholders i…
Minnesota Senate Approves Photo ID For Voting
The Minnesota Senate has passed a bill requiring all Minnesotans to present a photo ID in order to vote. The bill passed Thursday on a vote of 37-26. Republicans who sponsored the bill say it will boost confidence in state elections after two recent statewide recounts.
School Ratings Gets A Hearing In St. Paul
Minnesota lawmakers will consider a proposal to grade Minnesota schools on their performance during an Education Finance Committee meeting. The main education bill now before the Legislature would create an A to F grading scale for schools and school districts, similar to reports cards given to sch…
Minnesota Lawmakers Hope To Head Off Dome Demise
The iconic bubble-topped Metrodome could soon be without its main tenant and Minnesota lawmakers want a clear plan for how to preserve the Minneapolis building for other uses. As Minnesota lawmakers consider the Vikings request for a new stadium, some in the Legislature are seeking a task force to …

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