st. cloud referendum

Repurposing Tech Site Could Cost $8-$10 Million
A proposal to repurpose a portion of Tech High School if a referendum passes this fall would likely cost between $8 to $10 million, according to District 742 Superintendent Willie Jett. The district unveiled a proposal for the historic site earlier this month if a referendum passes for a new Tech Hi…
School Board Hears Feedback on Why Referendum Failed
The St. Cloud area school board heard feedback on why a recent referendum failed, summarized from recent community listening sessions. The $167 million November referendum, which included money for a new Tech and updates to Apollo High School, failed with 53% voting against and 47% voting yes.
St. Cloud Considers Bond Referendum for Road Projects
The city of St. Cloud is considering putting a bond referendum on the ballot this November. Mayor Dave Kleis says it stems from their recent citywide survey where respondents indicated transportation, congestion and the condition of roads as the top priority.