1st Round In Minn. Redistricting Fight Arrives
A GOP plan to redraw Minnesota's legislative districts is getting its first airing at the Capitol. The House Redistricting Committee debates the proposal tonight. The proposal would result in 20 incumbent members of the House paired up into new districts with another incumbent. Six current sena…
New Census Numbers For Minnesota Due this Week
The redistricting debate in Minnesota will heat up this week with the release of the official census population counts for all the neighborhoods, cities and counties in the state. The U.S. Census Bureau has been rolling out the population figures used to set Congressional districts for several weeks…
Will Minnesota Hang Onto 8 Congressional Seats?
The U.S. Census Bureau releases its official population counts for the states this week, which will determine if Minnesota keeps its eight seats in Congress. And officials here think the Gopher State may just keep all 8.