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MN Jury Begins Deliberating Raw Milk Case
The case of a Minnesota man charged with violating the state's raw milk laws has gone to the jury. Alvin Schlangen of Freeport is charged with three misdemeanor counts including distributing unpasteurized milk, operating without a food handler's license and handling adulterated food.
Raw Milk Supporters Rally Outside Courthouse
Advocates of raw milk have rallied outside the Hennepin County courthouse to support a farmer charged with food code violations for distributing unpasteurized milk. Alvin Schlangen, of Freeport, doesn't produce raw milk himself, but distributes it to over 100 consumers, mostly in the Twin Citi…
Minn. Regulators Investigate Central Minn. Farmer
Minnesota Department of Agriculture regulators are investigating a Freeport area farmer for allegedly selling raw milk and other food products illegally. According to a search warrant affidavit, Alvin Schlangen is believed to be selling raw milk from a south Minneapolis natural food warehouse and at…