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WJON News On-Demand: Thursday, 2/5/15 – Midday
Here's today's headlines on WJON:

- Two-vehicle crash in St. Cloud

- Man allegedly assaults woman who stopped to help him

- Push at State Capitol to lower drinking age

- Richmond residents required to connect to city water
WJON News On-Demand: Wednesay, 2/4/15 – Afternoon
- A Little Falls man was sentenced today to over 6 years in prison for touching and taking pornographic photos of an 8-year-old last year.

- An autopsy report of Tom Bearson has been completed and police will have release info and an update on the case next week.

- A Sauk Rapids woman who has been…
WJON News On-Demand: Monday, 2/2/15 – Midday
Here's today's headlines on WJON:

- Car breaks through ice in Morrison County lake

- Lawsuit stemming from Tom Petters dealings

- Work being done to digitally archive Bobby Vee musical legacy

- 35th annual Beer Can Toss Tournament in St. Anna

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