John Pederson

Local Lawmakers Make ‘No Per Diem’ Pledge
At some point the State Legislature is going to have to go into a special session to complete the budget for the next biennium. Exactly when and how long that special session will is yet to be determined. However, we do know that whenever it happens several of our local lawmakers have pledged to n…
Legacy Amendment Bills Quietly Advancing At State Capitol
As the State Legislature and the Governor continue to spar over high profile issues like the budget, gay marriage, and a Vikings stadium -- there's also bills that have quietly passed that tinker with the State Land and Legacy Amendment. The Land and Legacy Amendment brings in hundreds of mill…
Senator Pederson Votes To Lift Nuclear Ban [AUDIO]
St. Cloud State Senator John Pederson was one of the Senators who voted in favor of lifting a ban on new nuclear power plants. Pederson says the vote doesn't mean there will definitely be more nuclear plants built in the state, it just gives the Public Utilities Commission the option.