government shutdown

Racino Supporters Want A Spot At Budget Negotiation Table
Supporters of a racino are raising their hand, offering to help solve the state's budget deficit. Spokesman Dick Day says a racino at Canterbury Park and Running Aces could generate $200 to $250 million every two years, plus they could add new jobs to the economy.
Minnesota Judge Limits Services To Stay Open In Shutdown
A Minnesota judge has ordered that a limited number of key government functions must keep operating if state government shuts down on Friday. Ramsey County Chief Judge Kathleen Gearin acted Wednesday because of the ongoing stalemate between Democratic Gov. Mary Dayton and the GOP-controlled Legisla…
Government Shutdown Would Impact Daycare Providers
If the government shuts down Friday, many daycare providers and their low-income clients will suffer a serious financial blow. Marcia Reagan runs a daycare out of her St. Cloud home. She says some of her families won't be able to pay for daycare if the state isn't cutting assistance checks…

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