government shutdown

Government Shutdown Impacting Highway Road Construction Projects
The state government shutdown has made life difficult for officials at the Minnesota Department of Transportation who are trying to complete projects before winter. We already told about some projects that have been pushed back to next year, but there are some that were impacted by the shutdown.
Minnesota Sees Revenue Drop During July Shutdown
Minnesota's 20-day state government shutdown hurt state revenue collections last month as tax auditors stayed home and lottery sales halted. The state's top finance official said Wednesday that the state took in $16.2 million less than anticipated for the month, a 1.7 percent drop from exp…
Minnesota Shutdown Added To Government Job Losses
Minnesota's 20-day government shutdown made the national hiring picture in July a little bit gloomier than it would have been otherwise. The U.S. Labor Department's July hiring report showed a slight uptick in hiring by private business, with about 154,000 jobs added nationwide. But that d…

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