federal government shutdown

Shutdown Denies Employers Work Eligibility Tool
The federal government shutdown has cut off employers from a system that lets them quickly check an employee's eligibility to work in the U.S. Minnesota businesses say that's causing hiring headaches. Minneapolis attorney Scott Wright, an expert in business immigration law, says it'…
Minnesota National Guard Idling Military Technicians
Roughly 1,200 military technicians who support activities of the Minnesota National Guard are being furloughed during the federal government shutdown. Lt. Col. Jon Lovald says supervisors informed the technicians Tuesday morning that the will be out of work until further notice.
Shutdown Brings Furloughs, Inconvenience In Minnesota
Furloughed federal workers in Minnesota say they're disgusted by the political impasse that will cost them in the pocketbook. Many nonessential employees have been idled by the partial federal government shutdown that began early Tuesday. It's anyone's guess how long it will last.