College of St. Benedict

Gov. Dayton Addresses Issues At CSB [AUDIO]
Governor Mark Dayton defended his budget proposal at a public forum last (Wednesday) night. The governor said we have, "a rare opportunity to lead," in front of a large crowd at the College of St. Benedict. Dayton covered a range of issues that include taxes, marriage equality and gun cont…
Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Over St. Ben’s Donation
A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit that attempted to recoup a $2 million donation to the College of St. Benedict made by a businessman convicted of fraud. Tom Petters gave the money to the college in St. Joseph so it would name its auditorium after his parents.
Bright New Banners Welcome College Students
Drive down Division Street in St. Cloud and you'll notice some bright new banners, welcoming this year's 30,000 college students back to town. There are 32 street-light banners between Eighth and 14th Avenues.

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