Barack Obama

Sources – Al-Qaida Head Bin Laden Dead
Osama bin Laden, the mastermind behind the Sept. 11 attacks against the United States, is dead, and the U.S. is in possession of his body, a person familiar with the situation said late Sunday.
Bachmann – Obama Wall Street’s Best Friend
Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann told a South Carolina tax day tea party rally that President Barrack Obama is Wall Street's best friend. Bachmann later told reporters in Columbia that she can't wait to take him on even though she's not ready to announce plans to seek the GOP presiden…
Bachmann Spreads Vision Of 2012 GOP “Triple Crown”
Kicking off a conference for conservative voters, Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann cast visions of Republican rule in Washington after the 2012 election. But the possible presidential candidate left the Conservative Political Action Conference audience guessing Thursday about her precise role.
Bachmann Trails Obama In National Poll
If Congresswoman Michele Bachmann wants to take-on President Barack Obama in the next election, she's got some work to do. In her first national head-to-head poll, Bachmann trails Obama 51-33%.
Pawlenty Memoir Highlights Faith
Possible presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty sculpts an image as a faith-based politician in a new memoir infused with Bible verses and the flavor of the Republican's blue-collar upbringing.
Bachmann Unhappy With Tax Compromise
Sixth District Congresswoman Michele Bachmann's giving mixed reviews on the tax compromise reached between Republican leaders and President Obama. And she's not happy about extending unemployment benefits, either.