2-Cent Tuesday

2-Cent Tuesday; Thoughts on Tech High School [AUDIO]
Today on WJON's 2-Cent Tuesday topics included the potential building of a new Tech High School. Suggestions varied from repairing the current Tech building, to getting sponsorship for a new building to help pay for it and the tearing down the old Tech because of its sustainability.
2-Cent Tuesday; Is to O.K. to Say Merry Christmas? [AUDIO]
If you missed today's 2-Cent Tuesday program on WJON will talked about whether it is O.K. to say Merry Christmas or should we just say Happy Holidays? Many people responded with saying Merry Christmas and others wanted to talk about the media coverage of the events in Ferguson, Missouri.
2-Cent Tuesday Recap; 1/2 Cent Sales Tax, etc.. [AUDIO]
If you missed 2-Cent Tuesday you missed our conversation about renovations at St. Cloud Tech, the 1/2 cent sales tax dollars, the ebola virus and lots more. Mike wants the 1/2 cent sales tax dollars to go to the right place, some are concerned about ebola and some think the coverage is over blown.
2-Cent Tuesday Podcast [AUDIO]
If you missed 2-Cent Tuesday this week we talked about many things including the firing of Twins Manager Ron Gardenhire, a movement toward not talking as much to each other, an increase in robberies and crime in St. Cloud and about what to do with Tech High School.
Did Adrian Peterson Go Too Far? [AUDIO]
WJON listeners weighed in on the Adrian Peterson child abuse allegations and how children should be disciplined. The majority of the those that called in felt as though Adrian Peterson has the right to discipline his children but using a switch on a 4-year old is going too far.

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