2-Cent Tuesday

2-Cent Tuesday; Poor Behavior from Candidates [AUDIO]
This week on WJON's 2-Cent Tuesday listeners weighed in on Representative Jim Knoblauch's bill to eliminate party affiliations for state representatives and senators. Listeners also talked about conduct of our current Presidential candidates and distracted driving in our community.
2-Cent Tuesday; Opinions About Abortion [AUDIO]
This week on WJON's "2-Cent Tuesday" many listeners called in and voiced their opinion on Planned Parenthood and the abortion question. Other listeners wanted to talk about distracted driving, and the St. Cloud VA's non working wind turbine.
2-Cent Tuesday; Where was Knox Lumber [AUDIO]
Today on 2-Cent Tuesday Jerry Carlson guest hosted the program with me. We took calls about whether or not a Lowe's was ever in St. Cloud, where was Knox Lumber, what is a Primary and what is a Caucus and the importance of parks in a city.
2-Cent Tuesday; Listeners Weigh in on Bond Referendum [AUDIO]
WJON listeners on 2-Cent Tuesday talked today about the St. Cloud School District building referendum which is being voted on today. Opinions on whether St. Cloud needs a new High School building for Tech, renovations to Apollo and improved security on District 742 buildings that need them.

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