SAUK RAPIDS -- There is no shortage of sweet treats in this Sauk Rapids bakery, but what you won't find is any gluten products.

Mixin' It Up is the first Gluten-Free Commercial Kitchen in the area. Owner Jessi Brinkman says the business is not just about providing fresh baked goods, but inspiring other bakers to live their dreams.

"That's what part of this business was about, how we could give back to the community and how we can believe in other businesses," says Brinkman.

Brinkman says they have about six bakers currently using their kitchen to make their gluten-free products.

She says once they are ready, the bakers can then sell their products in the front of the store.

"It gives them that small experience of what it's like to make something and sell it retail and is this what I like or not," says Brinkman.

Brinkman says while gluten-free baking isn't a new thing, they've received a welcoming response to opening their business.

"We've had so many people from Sauk Rapids that want to support a local bakery and are thrilled to have a bakery in town," says Brinkman.

Mixin' It Up is holding their grand opening Saturday. They will be open Tuesday through Saturday from 7:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. in the former Flying Pig Pizza location.

Bakers can rent out the kitchen for about $12.50 an hour. If you are interested in renting the kitchen you can contact Brinkman at 320-267-9504.

(Photo: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON)