ST. CLOUD - St. Cloud Area School District Superintendent Willie Jett says they are working to ensure students of all cultures feel welcome in their schools.

Jett released a statement on Thursday afternoon in response to protests outside of Tech High School on Wednesday.

A large group of students, mostly Somali, walked out of class in protest, because of several offensive incidents. The latest had to do with a photo posted on the social media site Snapchat about an insensitive remark involving a Somali girl in a wheelchair.

Jett says administrators and staff worked through the day to maintain order and keep students safe.

He adds that the district will continue to teach students about the complex issues of race and culture.

Jett says: "It is important to remember that as a school community, our central role is to serve as educators. In that role, we work every day to assist our students in navigating the complex issues of race and culture in a manner that increases awareness, understanding, equity and a sense of community for all students and families. It is also our responsibility to make sure that all students feel safe at school. Tech administration will be working to address any student behavior violations relative to yesterday’s events. Just as school safety was our primary concern yesterday, student safety will continue to be at the forefront of our work as we respond to concerns moving forward."

Apollo High School also went into containment for a portion of Thursday. The district says it was a precautionary measure due to the protests the previous day.