SARTELL - A Sartell woman is tempting you with her bite sized desserts. Today (Thursday) on the Successful Start-Ups segment on the News  @ Noon Show, Sam Switzer talked about her business "Bite Size". It's a mini dessert company based out of her home.

She says, because she's not using a commercial kitchen, there are limitations.

For that reason, in Minnesota we're only able to sell at farmers markets if you're in your own kitchen. So right now I do two farmers markets a week. I would love to get into a commercial kitchen and be able to provide people with birthday cakes and wedding desserts and things like that. But, until I can justify the rental cost and find a place that will actually let me in, farmers markets are where I'm at right now.

Switzer says, with the support of her husband, she was able to quit her job and runs the business full time. She launched her business last fall, doing all of the baking in her home kitchen.

She has some advice for anyone thinking about making the leap and starting their own business too.

First, make sure not only do you love it, but can you do it or think about it every minute of every day?  Because there are days when I'm in the kitchen for 14 hours a day, and by the end of the day my entire body hurts, your exhausted. But, as long as you love what you're doing and you can do that all the time, I think that's your first starting point.

Switzer also says, have confidence in yourself and just work hard.

She sells her mini desserts on Saturdays at the farmers market in Sauk Rapids, and on Tuesdays at the new farmers market at the St. Cloud VA. Switzer posts a list of her products she's bringing the day before each farmers market on her Facebook page.