Here's yet another example of Minnesota nice. According to a new study: Minnesotans are the most patient with being put on hold on the phone.

Analysts from the Marchex Institute studied more than four million phone calls placed from consumers to business from 2013-2015. They measured hold times, rate of speech and frequency of speech. The study included how tolerant residents from all 50 states can stand being put on hold. Minnesotans will hang up less than half as often as those from Ohio, North Carolina or New York (Some of the top states).


The study also found that Minnesotans are the second fastest talkers on the phone, only behind Oregon. The slowest talkers (measured by words per minute) come primarily from the south (Mississippi, Louisiana, South Carolina).

We're also in second when it comes to talking the least while on the phone, behind Iowa. The states that talk the most include: New York, California, New Jersey and Nevada. A New Yorker will typically use 62 percent more words than someone from Iowa to have the same conversation with a business.

In short: Minnesotans are fast talkers who use fewer words with a dash of politeness when put on hold.

For the complete study from the Marchex Institute, click here.