SARTELL - A new study says many kids don't have an accurate idea of their own weight. Many of them are obese young people who view themselves as normal. About 30 percent of those surveyed misperceived their weight. That number was higher - 34 percent - among black and Mexican American kids.

Dr. David Smith owns Sartell Pediatrics. He says, when he meets with kids who are overweight, he tries to emphasis positive habits.

Researchers focused on more than 6,100 young people, ages eight through 15, from 2005 to 2012.

The weight misconception was more common among children in lower-income families than in  households with more money.

He says summertime is a great time to encourage your kids to be more active with 5K runs, going on bike rides, and other outdoor activities.

Scientists say a growing number of overweight adults also see themselves as being a normal weight.