Does Steven Tyler want to be the subject of the next big Taylor Swift breakup song?

My sources say yes.

Someone recently asked Aerosmith front man Steven Tyler who he'd like to intern for? My question is what kind of question is that? Well, Steven answered that he'd love to intern for Taylor Swift. My guess is that "intern" to us and "intern" to Steven probably mean different things.

Steven actually said "She's blond with all the hits. Taylor Swift. She's hot. More than that she's beyond talented...I have to write a song with her." To which I hear, "Yes. I would get with that and become a smash hit single. We could choreograph the whole thing."

Steven likes them young apparently, because he was seen out recently with Francesca Eastwood, the 19 year old daughter of none other than Dirty Harry himself, Clint Eastwood. 

They were probably dating until Clint called Steven up and asked him if he was feeling lucky. Steven probably peed a little, hung up the phone and immediately ended things with Franny E.

Steven is single after breaking up with his 39 year old fiance Erin Brady late last year. She was probably too old for him.

Taylor Swift, by the way is 22.

I say do it. The hits write themselves. Check it out:

Walk Away This Way, We Are Never, Ever Getting Back in the Saddle, You See Me Crying Teardrops on My Guitar, The Story of Rats in the Cellar, I Don't Wanna Go Back to December, and my personal favorite, You Belong in the Attic.