There are 36 high school rugby teams in the state of Minnesota, but only one in the St. Cloud Area. The St. Cloud Steelheads are the area's lone local team, and they have been to two state tourneys in just three seasons.

However, coach JR Burgess says despite the success the team has had some trouble finding a full roster.

Burgess says that a lot of coaches across the country have misconceptions about the injury risks and danger involved in playing the sport, but also says that some coaches in the midwest have praised rugby for helping their football teams get better.

Rugby is the type of sport that can be played by people of all ages, shapes and sizes. It is a contact sport, but with the proper training and coaching the sport is no more dangerous than more mainstream counterparts.

Since the rules and strategy of the sport are largely unknown by many who join the team, Burgess says that the first couple of months of action really focuses on the basics.

He adds that those who play rugby also form bonds with fellow players that extend off the field.

Burgess started the Steelheads program a few years ago and says that he envisions eventually fielding a full program with both a varsity and JV level.

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