ST. CLOUD -- It's going to cost you more to pay for goods and services in Stearns County which are subject to sales taxes. As of January 1st, Stearns County began collecting an additional quarter percent to help fund road construction projects.

The 2013 state legislature gave counties the authority to collect up to a half-percent for road and bridge projects.  Stearns County commissioners voted in July to collect an additional one-quarter percent sales tax and keep a $10 "wheelage" tax already in place.

The additional sales tax will be in effect until 2022 and is projected to raise an additional $4.6-million per year.

Stearns County Auditor-Treasurer Randy Schreifels says the county sales tax in communities outside the St. Cloud metro area is 7.125% while, St. Cloud area cities in Stearns County are collecting 7.625% because of an additional half-cent sales tax.  The cities are using the half-cent sales tax to help pay a variety of projects.

Schreifels says the percentages don't include the food and beverage tax.