ST. PAUL (AP) - A St. Paul man convicted of compiling a "hit list" and stalking his ex-wife, ex-girlfriend and a pastor has been sentenced to six years in prison.

Michael John Mangan pleaded guilty in May to three counts of aggravated stalking.

Mangan's sister and brother-in-law told police Mangan had assembled a list of people he planned to kill. They say he planned to execute them, and then kill any officers who tried to stop him.

Defense attorney Tyler Bliss told the judge Thursday his client had expressed "sincere remorse," and should be sentenced to probation. Prosecutor Sarah Cory asked for a sentence of 6 1/2 years due to aggravating factors.

Judge Rosanne Nathanson agreed with prosecutors that a stiff sentence was necessary because of Mangan's "extraordinary planning" and hit list.