ST. JOSEPH - A St. Joseph community task force says many citizens want a community center in the area.

For two years, St. Joseph has been in the process of planning and discussing future city facility needs. A facilities committee has been working with an architect and contractor on optons to remodel or rebuild the existing City Hall building. At the same time, a five-member citizen-based Community Center Committee has been appointed by the council to research a stand-alone Community Center that could be used for recreation and special events.

The task force says residents would like a gym, multi-purpose room for community gatherings, a space with a connection to the Great River Regional Library system and a small area outside with picnic tables for outdoor gatherings.

The task force also highlighted potential city hall updates. The presentation highlighted a high-level of concern for inadequate facilities for the police department. The police need more space for evidence, interviews, a changing room, storage for vehicles, a safe environment for victims and for more staff in the future.

Property taxes and half cent sales tax revenues could potentially be used for a project. However, the city may be using sales taxes for an outdoor aquatic center project. The task force also highlighted the importance of community feedback and involvement going forward with any potential project.

City Administrator Judy Weyrens says the city isn't currently taking any action on the findings. The city council only listened to the findings by the community task force.