ST. JOSEPH - St. Joseph is looking to improve some of its neighborhood streets this year.

The city council is prepared to move forward with plans to improve roads in the Clinton Village and Northland neighborhoods. Both areas need pavement and reconstruction improvements.

The streets in Clinton Village were originally constructed in 1983. The Northland roads were constructed between 1991 and 1994. The project is estimated to cost about $873,600.

City Administrator Judy Weyrens says property owners in the neighborhoods could pay for up to 60 percent of the project. The remaining costs would be paid for with city funds.

Weyrens adds that 60 percent is a high estimate and that property owners may pay less for the project. There will be a public hearing on the project with property owners on February 18th.

After the public hearing, the city would decide if they want to move forward and have the project designed. They would then host additional open public hearings on the project assessment.

The city is looking to start road work during the summer and have it finished by the first frost in the fall. Weyrens says the road work would be a quick process since the project doesn't involve water or sewer work.

The city council reviewed the city engineer report on the project during their meeting on Monday night. The report proposed the project is needed for the city and that it's feasible and cost-effective.