ST. JOSEPH -- A St. Joseph boy's wish to take two police officers out for breakfast on his birthday leaves an impact on the officers.

Elijah Mixteco, had one wish for his sixth birthday, to take  "big cop" and "little cop" to breakfast.

St. Joseph Chief of Police Joel Klein is that "big cop" and Matt Johnson is "little cop" but, when Johnson couldn't make it to breakfast "little-er cop" Dan Magaard took over for Johnson.

When Rachel Mixteco, first asked her son what he wanted to do for his sixth birthday, she didn't expect to hear what he would say next.

"It brought tears to my eyes, because of all things that's what he wants to do," says Rachel.

So when Rachel ran into Klein, she decided to tell him of her son's wish. Klein was off that day but, agreed to come by the house.

When the doorbell rang that morning, Elijah was shocked to see "big cop" standing on his front door.

"For a while there he was in shock, he didn't know what to do because you have got this big giant cop standing at your door saying, hey happy birthday", says Klein.

Klein then asked Elijah if he wanted to get breakfast. Elijah, his sister Aaliyah, and Klein rode in Klein's squad car and met officer Magaard at Kay's kitchen. However, before the officers could leave Elijah had another wish he wanted to fulfill.

Chief Klein, Elijah, and his sister Aaliyah getting in the police car for breakfast. Photo by Rachel Mixteco

"I got to pay for them, for their breakfast," says Elijah.

Even after paying for their breakfast, Elijah still had one more surprise. When some of the officer-involved shootings happened. Elijah drew a picture of a police officer with a heart next to it and to top off his birthday, he wanted to give chief Klein the picture.

"When you deal with negativity all the time, It's kind of easy to get a bad attitude sometimes. Then you see little things like this come up and it just turns everything around and makes you realize, there's a lot of good people out there" says Klein

Klein was not the only one blown away by Elijah's actions. Rachel says for Elijah's father, seeing his son interact with a police officer, brought tears to his eyes.

"My husband is originally from Mexico, it brought tears to his eyes, just to think that his son can trust the police here and have a relationship with them. Where when he was growing up as a kid, you stayed as far away from the police as possible" says Rachel.

Rachel says she was proud of her son for being caring and wanting to do something nice for the officers.

As Elijah enjoys being six, he already has plans for his seventh birthday. His next wish is to go skydiving.

Elijah and Chief Joel Klein. Photo by Rachel Mixteco