ST. JOSEPH -- Refuse haulers in St. Joseph will soon be required to pay a permit fee to collect trash and recycling.

A Public Hearing was held during tonight's (Monday) city council meeting to discuss a change to the current ordinance.

City Administrator Judy Weyrens says currently the city doesn't charge a license fee for haulers and wanted to establish something much like other cities in the area.

"Garbage trucks are huge users of roads and so it helps offset the cost if you can charge and annual license fee to help cover those repair costs," says Weyrens.

The ordinance change would increase the annual license fee over the next year threes to $400.00 per truck in 2016, $500.00 per truck in 2017, and $600.00 per truck in 2018. The fee would then help offset the wear and tear on the streets.

Jeff Bertram of West Central Sanitation wrote a letter to the council stating "how the fee is a little steep and should be tied to some reasonable costs based on how often the trucks are in town."

After further discussion the board unanimously approved to adopt the ordinance change.

Weyrens says the three haulers will be informed of the change and have until January 31st to secure a license.