ST. JOSEPH -- There was some opposition to the St. Joseph City Council's proposed street light ordinance yesterday (Thursday).

The council held a public hearing regarding a possible change to their current street light fee structure.

The current system uses tax dollars as a way to pay for the street light expenses. Their proposal is to transfer the cost from taxes to a utility expense.

Residents would get a monthly utility bill in place of their current system.

Representatives from the College of St. Benedict say they think the proposal is unfair to the college. Of the 2,886 units that would be billed a monthly fee, the College would be responsible for paying for about 690 of those units.

City Administrator, Judy Weyrens says some people think they are paying for street lights in their neighborhood, but it's more a citywide service.

The ordinance was moved by Mayor, Rich Shultz and given a second by council member, Bob Loso. It passed unanimously with a recommendation to add it to future budget discussions.