ST. CLOUD - A franchise agreement between the city of St. Cloud and Charter Communications hasn't been finalized yet. That's despite a public hearing that was held on the issue during tonight's (Monday) city council meeting. As a result, the frustrated council has voted to move forward with a plan to enforce the cable company's violation of moving the PEG channels back in August, without the city's approval.

The city council first approved a resolution to force the channels be moved back to their original location back in September, but until now they've delayed taking action, due to ongoing franchise agreement negotiations.

Tonight's action means Charter has 30 days to move the channels back to their original location, or face a public hearing in front of the council. It is possible the two sides could still work out their differences and reach an agreement in the next month, prior to that public hearing.

Meanwhile, both Mayor Dave Kleis and representatives from Charter reminded the city council that the 10-year franchise agreement that's being negotiated is not an exclusive agreement, and another cable company could still come to town.