UNDATED - Distracted driving is a hot topic these days.  Does the state have the right to force us to put down our cell phones and other items?

One St. Cloud woman knows all too well what can happen when drivers aren't focused on the road.

Jean Johnson was involved in a deadly crash in October of 2006.  She says a woman who was distracted by her two kids blew through a stop sign and collided with the vehicle she was riding in at 60 miles an hour.  The driver of her vehicle was also on his cell phone and didn't see the car coming until it was too late.  He was killed instantly.  Meanwhile, Johnson has spent months and years recovering and still suffers from short term memory loss.

Johnson says it's time to put down the phones and start watching the road.

Johnson says she believes her life was spared to get the word out about distracted driving.

Johnson says she believes emergency personnel should be able to still use cell phones, but she says laws should be created to ban cell phone use by everyone else.

She's put together a presentation and speaks at driver's ed classes, schools, and wherever else someone wants to hear her.

If you'd like to have Jean Johnson come speak to your organization or group, call her at (320) 290-2234.