ST. CLOUD - St. Cloud resident Tiga Stevenson is a woman on a mission - she's attempting to set the new world record for the longest stretch of time spent consecutively ringing the Salvation Army's Red Kettle bell.

The contest, which began on Thursday at 11 a.m., pits 23 contestants around the United States against one another for the title.

Stevenson, who is ringing her bell outside the Coborn's on Cooper Avenue, says the rules ban food, caffeine and sitting down. She does, however, get 10 minute break every four hours. She says she spend that time using the restroom, changing her socks and sneaking in a hot cocoa or two.

Stevenson does has somewhat of an advantage over other competitors - she has volunteered to ring the bell for 10 hours straight on previous occasions.

Stevenson says the Salvation Army helped her get on her feet when she moved to the St. Cloud area from Chicago. She wants to show her thanks by helping the organization help others in need this season.

The contest ends at 11p.m. on Saturday.