ST. CLOUD - Watching tornadoes is becoming a popular past time, and professional storm chasers says it's becoming a problem.

Doug Kiesling owns the company in St. Cloud.  He says cable TV shows have made storm chasing a hot trend among novices.  He says when he's out watching storms he runs into a lot of gawkers, who are putting themselves in danger, and are also glogging-up traffic for professional storm chasers and trained weather spotters.

Keisling says he's trained to know how to stay safe.

Kiesling says storm chasers play an important role during severe weather, and they are in communication with the National Weather Service.

Kiesling says he makes a living by selling his videos to network television stations.  He mainly covers storms here in Central Minnesota, but he also has freelance storm chasers that work for him throughout the central part of the country.

During severe weather events, follow their live video stream