ST. CLOUD -- Most people have never played the game of rugby but has grown very popular among colleges and universities.

The sport is played similar to football but with a few twists in the rules.The game is played during two running halves while trying to score in the other teams goal.

St. Cloud State University Rugby Vice President Garrett Urhammer says in order to move down the field the ball has to be passed backwards.

"So you run a line of everyone is about 45 degrees behind you and you have to pass the ball behind you and eventually that momentum will carry you forward," says Urhammer.

Jack Marshall is the President of the Rugby club. He says they practice three days a week learning technique and rules of the game.

"We work on everything from contact, keeping the ball when you get tackled and build knowledge of the rules of the game," says Marshall

Rugby is held as a club sport at St. Cloud State University. Urhammer says while the sport isn't difficult to learn, trying something new can scare people away.

"You're going to be overwhelmed at first not knowing the game and may not what to try a sport you've never done before," says Urhammer.

"If you have played any sport before you bring your import from those sports, anything you have to give is great," says Marshall.

Marshall says the bond on the team is not only close but extends to the opponent's they face.

"After the games we hang with the other team and it's a lot of fun," says Marshall.

The Fighting Carp have a history of being one of the top Rugby teams in Minnesota and look to continue that trend for years to come.

The team closes out their fall season Saturday at Selke Field against the University of North Dakota.


The Fight Carp Rugby team practices before the big game. (Photo: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON News)