ST. CLOUD -- Students in the St. Cloud school district will be returning to class on September 6, but before you send your child back, the district asks parents to turn in their child's immunization records.

Bonnie Fitzharris, is the licensed school nurse for district 742. She says parents should provide the school with their child's immunization record by August 15 or no later than the first day of school.

"We ask that they give us those immunizations prior to that August 15 date, so we have a two-week time frame to make sure the children are up to date. Does that always happen, no says Fitzharris"

Minnesota requires all students enrolled in preschool through 12 to show they have received immunizations or an exemption. The Law does not obtain to children that are homeless, in a foster home or being placed in a foster home.

Childen that are receiving chemotherapy for medical diagnosis, or children with significant health conditions, where the medical provider feels it's not safe for them to receive immunization need a medical exemption from a physician.

Parents that choose to not have their child immunized will have to fill out specific forms with the school district.

The school will always notify parents of children who refuse immunization, or parents of children with a medical exemption if there is something going around. It is up to the parent to decide whether or not to send their child to school.

The district does not offer immunization in the school, however, in the past they have. They encourage parents to take their child to their medical provider.

Minnesota has a system called Minnesota Immunization Information Center and many of the clinics will automatically put the immunization records in for a child. If the school can not find the records through that system, parents will receive a call.