ST. CLOUD - The St. Cloud area school district is spending the day assessing the damage, and making a plan to move forward, after a fire destroyed the Roosevelt school over the weekend.

School Board Chair Jerry Von Korff says summer school was supposed to begin this week in that building.

Von Korff says that's not the only building that has summer school, so they could move those students to another location.

Von Korff says just the oldest part of the 1920 building was destroyed in the fire. A fire wall stopped the fire from getting into the newer addition.

Superintendent Willie Jett says they're devastated by the fire at the Roosevelt building. He says they're still deciding what happens next.

Jett says they hoping to determine in the next day or so where to move the summer school program that was scheduled to start this week at Roosevelt.

He says, because it's still an active fire scene, he has not yet been allowed to go inside the part of the building that's still standing.

Roosevelt was also the district's Welcome Center and the Early Childhood Center.

Von Korff says the board will wait for a report from the district administration to see where they go from here.

A suspected lightning strike at about 11:30 p.m. on Saturday started the fire. Several fire departments battled the blaze overnight, before ultimately deciding to tear the building down on Sunday morning.