ST. CLOUD -- The St. Cloud Area school board is considering about 38 budget-cutting options, and well as about a dozen ideas that would generate revenue.

During their work study session tomorrow  (Wednesday) the board will learn more about those options.  Some of the reductions being considered include: a four day school week, lengthen the school day so students attend school one less day a month, and reducing the number of buildings hosting summer school.  They're also considering reducing the amount of communication done with paper, including no longer printing lunch menus and school calendars.

One idea for generating new revenue for the district is to sell advertising space on lockers, buses, and outdoor fields.

The ideas discussed tomorrow night are only options being considered.  The final decisions are scheduled to be made on April 13th.

The St. Cloud Area School Board needs to close a budget deficit of between $1 and $3 million for next school year.

The District 742 website has a full list of options being considered by the school board.